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Brit morris

Bridgette Morris, known as “Brit” by friends and family, is a board-certified therapist with over three decades of experience with narcissistic abuse. She has treated clients who are suffering from toxic relationships, helping thousands regain control of their lives. Brit is a recognized narcissistic abuse expert in the therapeutic field and the creator of NBG! She believes working together with other professionals is a great way to HELP YOU that’s why she collaborates with others here at NBG! and what makes NBG! unique. Not only will you have resources from Brit, you will also be surrounded by other professionals in their respected fields, who have both personal and professional experience in dealing with narcissism. These unique tools will show you how others gained control of their life after narcissistic abuse and EMPOWER YOU to do the same. 

****Narc-B-Gone! uses The LUV heals program. A simple but powerful nine-step process that focuses on educating, equipping and empowering you to change your life immediately and permanently. The LUV principles and program were created by Bridgette and have been successfully applied thousands of times to overcome all types of life’s trials and disappointments, including broken relationships, unhealthy eating patterns, destructive habits, lost employment, unfaithful friends, etc. These principles are different from other healing tools because they teach you to face conflict without fear and to use it as a growth opportunity.

the NBG! (narc-b-gone) Team

We are proud to have many professionals help support our mission. Your NBG! team consists of former judges, practicing attorneys, social workers, therapists, psychologists and more. They help us create great tools and resources to help support you. Each professional on your NBG! team has personal and professional experience with narcissism and has either experienced it first hand in their counseling offices, seen it inside the courtroom battlefields, watched narcissism in action in our schools &/or witnessed the damage It causes to extended families and the community at largeThink of Brit & your NBG! Team as your go to resource for everything you need to deal with narcissism.

Certifications + Training

Immediate relief right now

The NBG! 101 E-Course

Make immediate, positive lasting change right now with the NBG! 101 e-course. The only e-course taught from a therapeutic and legal perspective, that teaches you, step-by-step, everything you need to know about NARCissism, how to effectively deal with narcissism and take massive action in your life right now. 

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Private Group Coaching

Get access to Bridgette’s approach and game plan on on how to deal with narcissism. Learn how to proceed, even in the most difficult situations, with just one session.

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The NBG! Narcissist Playbook

The NBG! narcissist playbook is for anyone who wants to understand how toxic, self-centered people (narcissists) operate and how to stay 2 steps ahead of them.

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Read Some of Our NBG! Success Stories

There’s nothing we care more deeply about than the lives of our clients. One of the ways we care for them is to respect their privacy. We will never share the names, first or last, of our clients. We are pleased to share their words with you in a respectful format that protects both their confidentiality and right to anonymity.

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Free Course Mini Course

How would your life change if you could deal with the toxic, self-centered people in your life?

We’ve created a FREE 5-day mini course that teaches you the most common plays self-centered people use( narcissist)- and the counter plays that YOU use to stop them in their tracks