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Meet Brit Morris /your NARC coach

Bridgette Morris, known as “Brit” by friends and family, is a board-certified therapist with over three decades of experience with narcissistic abuse. She has treated clients who are suffering from toxic relationships, helping thousands regain control of their lives. Brit is a recognized narcissistic abuse expert in the therapeutic field.

Brit’s world-renowned programs use her simple but powerful nine-step process called LUV Heals that focuses on educating, equipping and empowering you to change your life immediately and permanently.

These principles are different from other healing tools because they teach you to face conflict without fear and to use it as a growth opportunity. Brit’s goal is to empower you to gain control of your life after narcissistic abuse.

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Are you feeling…..misunderstood, tired, frustrated?  Are you hopeful things will change and they don’t? If so, you are probably involved with a narcissist (we call the NARC).

Join us today and start your journey toward educating yourself about narcissism and develop an offensive game-plan to stay 2 steps ahead of any narcissist with our NBG! Narc-B-Gone e-course. 

This is the only e-course taught by a board certified therapist and family attorney, with over 60 years of personal and professional experience, that teaches you, from a therapeutic and legal perspective, step-by-step, what narcissism is, how to know if you are involved with a narcissist, how to create your own game plan and remain in control of your life, relationships, finances, peace of mind- YES, this is possible.

What Is A NARC? /närk/

: A person whose entire focus is on themselves. They have no real concern about ( or connection) with you.

Antonyms; empathic, caring, reliable, accountable, trust worthy

What happens when I take control of my life with a narcissist?

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved sleep
  • Reconnected with life & others
  • Happier relationship with self
  • Financial stability
  • Reduced anxiety

Join others who have taken our life changing, NBG! e-course and taken control of their life! 

Personalized Coaching

1-on-1 & Group Sessions

Improve who you are at your core — your health, your mindset, your perspective — and who you are in relationship with other people by using The LUVheals™ method. This life changing method has been applied thousands of times to help people create the life and relationships they desire and most importantly LUV™ !


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